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** 2015 Summer Prep Information will be available soon. **

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Camp.
Phone: 254-859-5411


Summer 2015 forms will be available later in the year. 
Camper Information Form
Must be completed once for each individual child attending. This is information that will be very helpful for the camper’s counselors to have. It will contribute to the best summer possible.
Health History Form
Must be completed once for each individual child attending.

The Health History Form is not an online form.  You will need to print the form and complete it, including a medical exam and immunization section to be completed by your child's primary care physician (if you have not already scheduled your child's camp physical, you should do so!) and copies of your health insurance cards.
Transportation Form
Must be completed once for each individual child attending. If you are flying to or from camp on Opening or Closing Days, you should call the camp to make airport arrangements. This form is also where you will sign up to take your child out of camp for special events, early departures, etc.
Activity Form
Must be completed once for each campers in Bonim A & Bonim C, as well as Niviim, Kohanim, Melachim and Seganim. This is the form that you fill out to choose some of your own daily activities. We have some new activities, so make sure that you look through the catalog before registering. You can get to the catalog from this form. This is the form that you fill out to choose some of your daily activities.


Below are a range of other materials - some that are "must reads," others that are here in case you need them or are interested. Feel free to explore!

Family Resources
Additional Information
Instructions & Pre-Summer Materials
Health & Safety Information
Medical Staff and Summer Procedure Introduction (PDF 27.50 KB)
URJ Policy on Vaccines (PDF 235.22 KB)
URJ Policy on Medication Vacation (PDF 17.54 KB)
Communicable Disease Protocol (PDF 213.46 KB)
Tips from the Nursing Staff (PDF 43.50 KB)
Travmark Camper and Staff Insurance (PDF 92.62 KB)
It is essential that all campers and staff members come to camp with confirmation of their health insurance. If a member of the camp community has no health insurance, a short-term policy is available from Travmark. Please check this document for more information and to register.
Additional New Camper Family Information
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